Social Media & Using Your Calendar

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Sample of Content Calendar. As you can see, when you plot out your calendar based on the content you already have, it is easier to maintain your presence with great content!

This does not seem to be the most revolutionary of advice as most people have a calendar to plan out their projects, tasks, events both in their personal and professional life.   Did you know you can use the same tool to manage your Social Media Presence?  Who Knew!? There are a couple of important pieces of information that you need to know about your content to get a sense of what you want to share to your audience.  Here are the 4 things you should consider when creating the content you will post:



Facebook Fan Page Email and Text Messeging

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         Facebook Fan Pages allows you to separate your cause and/or brand from your personal profile.   One of the things that I advocate to my clients is that they plan to post certain content such as educational articles, events and pictures or video.   On the other hand, they should post about the kind of day-to-day work they are conducting for the business.   For example, “Just left a meeting with the Mayor about working together for the 4th ward community”. Facebook mobile applications only lets you sign into your personal profile, You can do a search for a Fan Page and post on its wall, but you cant do it as your brand name.

To address this, You will be able to post updates while you are at different locations through your cell phone via email and text messages.    Here is how you set it up: *Please Note: You must be an administrator of the Fan Page to have access to the page settings.

Step 1: On the Facebook Fan Page, go to Edit Info at the top.

Step 2: Then go to the left and click on Mobile.

Step 3: This is where you can copy your unique email in case you can send emails through your phone. You can also set up your phone to text your updates. This page facilitates the process. Check it out.

Mobile and Online Tools Launch Paterson Local to WNBA All Star Game

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Congratulations to Essence Carson, a Paterson, NJ native who thanks to great friends and supporter, was launched to the WNBA All Star Game as a Starter representing the Eastern Conference.   I bring this up because I voted for her via text message sent by Councilman Benjie Wimberly’s Facebook profile page.  He used his Facebook page and text list to spread the word that we Paterson locals had to send a text in support of Essence Carson.   This surely motivated many others to follow his lead in pushing Essence Carson to even greater heights to her professional success. Not to mention all the people she connected with throughout her career.  However, I am fully aware that Essence Carson’s incredible talent is 95% responsible for this accomplishment.

I have to admit, I don’t watch the WNBA (actually I am not into professional basketball except attending an occasional game). However, seeing and supporting a local player get to the professional level is inspirational.  Not only for me, but for our young girls who may have dreams of reaching the top in their respect fields.  However, Essence Carson would not reach such a level of success without the support of her family and community that nurtured her talent.  As for reaching the 2011 WNBA All Star game, people sending texts “Carson” to 69622 really helped her reach the extra mile.

The overarching theme: social media and mobile tools made a difference in the community.  In this case,  Paterson, NJ has a daughter that is in the WNBA All Star Game!   Text messaging and posting updates in your established online community provided a shining star that local community leaders can point to when motivating our youth.  Good Stuff!

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