Increase your Fan Base with 5:1 Ratio

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Simple Ratio to Help You Build Your Following!

Before I go into this particular strategy, I must give credit where credit is due.  I was reminded of this concept a couple of weeks back during a presentation that one of my clients, the William Paterson University Small Business Development Center hosted, called Social Media in Business (Click here for next date).   The forum was hosted by Sean Carroll-who is enthusiastic entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others achieve fulfillment in life through his coaching and public speaking. The topic of Social Media in one class is difficult as most folks who come in with little understanding of it will want to talk about it philosophically, culturally, etc.   Sean Carroll did a great job in carrying the conversation as such but also did a great job in introducing the strategy.   So for relationships building ideas, check out Sean Carroll and his work.



Facebook Advice: Keep a Sharing Mindset!

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         Facebook Fan Pages allows you to separate your cause and/or brand from your personal profile.   One of the things that I advocate that my clients to do is plan to post certain content such as educational articles, events and pictures or video.   On the other hand, they should post about the kind of day-to-day work they are conducting for the business.   For example, “Just left a meeting with the Mayor about working together for the 4th ward community”, “Coming from a lunch meeting, I noticed that there is 10% off all printing at Staples”. If you have a “Facebook moment” mindset like I do, post about the different experience you are having around your own business.  This generally prompts people to respond to those post, which increase post feedback (Edgerank) and increases the frequency and likelihood people will see all of your post (increasing daily impressions). These can all be track via Facebook Insights.


Dont be a Slacktivist! Engage with the Causes you liked!

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I'll get to that....tomorrow. Image found on

In the heydays of print, radio and television advertising,  it was all about the message conveyed to the consumer that they should use your product instead of the competition.  Catchphrases, jingles, funny characters and images were used to get you to engage with them at their store.  It is similar with politics. A candidate would use the forms of advertising to urge you to vote their way come election day.   All this cost money!  So if a non-profit wants to convey the importance to support your local public school, or cancer awareness, they would have to seek cost-effective alternatives to raise awareness of their cause.  Often times, the alternatives are over shadowed by big business and political machinery.  However, Social Media has narrowed the gap between these forces to help local causes spread their message.


Quotes are a dime a dozen…unless…


Everyone loves quotes.  Inspirational quotes like “Be the change you wish to see in the world”-Mahatma Gandhi.  Love quotes like “If you love somebody, set them free. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.” Funny quotes like, Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I’ve done it dozens of times.  People often post quotes online, either in correct format, with or without giving credit. People even say they believe in said quote as if they wrote it.   Generally, when it comes to status updates and tweets, quotes are used as fillers for when people feel a certain type of way and the quote makes sense to them.

However, quotes are aggravating after a while. They become off-putting if they are completely irrelevant to what you do and how people know you.  It is why I suggest that if you are going to use quotes as part of your online presence to keep yourself engaged, use context with your quotes.    If you are an education advocacy group, rather than just quoting Gandhi, say:  As Gandhi advised that we should be the change you wish to see in the world,  ensuring our children to have access to quality education will guarantee that our world will change for the best.

See the difference?  Although the quote by itself is powerful (albeit overused), adding some context around your mission statement can really add some unique insight to why you believe in such a quote.  Give it a try to let me know which quotes really speaks to your cause.

Facebook Fan Page Email and Text Messeging

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         Facebook Fan Pages allows you to separate your cause and/or brand from your personal profile.   One of the things that I advocate to my clients is that they plan to post certain content such as educational articles, events and pictures or video.   On the other hand, they should post about the kind of day-to-day work they are conducting for the business.   For example, “Just left a meeting with the Mayor about working together for the 4th ward community”. Facebook mobile applications only lets you sign into your personal profile, You can do a search for a Fan Page and post on its wall, but you cant do it as your brand name.

To address this, You will be able to post updates while you are at different locations through your cell phone via email and text messages.    Here is how you set it up: *Please Note: You must be an administrator of the Fan Page to have access to the page settings.

Step 1: On the Facebook Fan Page, go to Edit Info at the top.

Step 2: Then go to the left and click on Mobile.

Step 3: This is where you can copy your unique email in case you can send emails through your phone. You can also set up your phone to text your updates. This page facilitates the process. Check it out.

Organize your friends once and for all!

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Finally herd your friends together all at once

Don’t you wish you can get all your friends organized?  You know, having your family together all in one place at the same time.  How about friends from college or high school friends for a reunion?  Do you want to engage in a discussion with your liberal friends without angering your conservative friends (and vice versa)? This is possible by organizing your Facebook friend lists.

Using friend lists will allow you to post to specific groups when you want.  You can use it to create privacy settings for people and even see the status updates of specific groups of people in your recent news.    Essentially, you can separate what each group can see when you post and get updated on what specific groups are doing.

Minor drawback is that you cannot create specific friend list on Facebook fan pages and group pages and putting your friends into list can be a tad tedious.  However, once you create the lists (you can take your time, 10 friends a night), you will have complete control over who sees what and when.

Here are the screenshots of how you can make this happen.

In your home page, click on the friends link.

Then click on Manage Friend List

Then click on Create List

That is all.  Easy Breezy.    Give it a try by sending a status update to a specific group of people or click on Recent News above the status update bar and you can view the updates of specific groups as well.

Active Online? Watch for Landmines!

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Have you ever dated someone who you really liked, things are going great until that person sees a provocative picture of your ex in your car?  Or you make a crude joke about your boss not realizing the boss is right behind you?   Or you comment on Facebook about how your students are “future criminals” like this person? Something like this has happened to all of us to some extent.  However, those that are most successful in life are the ones that avoid landmines like this.

In life you have to be yourself.  If your funny, keep telling jokes.  If you like hanging out with your friends,  enjoy.   Like to have a couple of drinks and take pictures with great friends, go wild.  When it comes to social media, being personal takes you a long way in building the kinds of relationships that are fruitful for all those involved.  However, in life, you have to strike a successful balance with your personal and professional life.  The same applies with social media.

It all depends on what your goals are when you use social media.    Take Facebook and Twitter; the key to those sites is sharing (like most sites). People share their interests through status updates, pictures, videos and sharing websites.   We hope one of your goals is to get involved with important issues in your community and/or advance your cause. Which means measuring what you share about yourself is very important.   What you share reflects who you are, such as:

What do you think about this guy?

What do you think about this group?

What if I told you the guy in the orange hat is the same person?    Would you have thought that the first guy was capable of such great work?  Or the second person is a fan of downing two bottles at once?  What do you think potential employers or donors would think?

Fortunately, there are no relationship between these two pictures, but the point remains the same. It can be worthwhile when you share with your friends and family.  Its rewarding pushing for a cause online but remember, people will read into what you share.  Don’t let this post scare you, just watch your step.

And DONT be this guy!!!


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