Everyone knows Peter Parker, who is behind the mask of the Amazing Spider man.  If you know anything about the comic book, you would have heard that the Green Goblin killed Peter Parker.  By now you heard that Miles Morales replaced Peter Parker, who is now Spider-man in the series the “Ultimate Spider-Man (although Peter Parker still lives in the “Amazing Spider-man” series).

The most prominent information readily available about Miles Morales is that he is half-black and half-hispanic.  After spending an hour of searching for details of the new Spider-Man’s personal background (since I want to know about his character as per MLK Jr.’s dream), all I see are the peoples reaction that he is of mixed race.

When the story broke, it burned like wildfire through the social media world.  Facebook, Twitter, and all the comment sections of various news sources has some sort of commentary from readers that lie on two extremes: Full support and full outrage.    However, the point of this is very simple. Social media is going to be (it already is?) the litmus test of where we stand on our cultural values.   When a story like this breaks and many people share their views (especially anonymous racist commentary) about the fact that he is half-black and half-hispanic rather than his personal background and his character, it proves we have work to do.

The second point is that Social Media has helped me see that there is still a national issue of race in this society.  Regardless of where you stand, we can use social media to have discussions on a variety of issues in a proactive fashion and not a myopic reaction to news. So what other conversations are we not having that may take form on Social Media?