Use RSS feeds to harness the internet!

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RSS stands for RDF Site Summary, or more simply, Really Simple Syndication is a tool used to publish frequently updated work.  Online news sources and bloggers use RSS to help their audience to remain updated on new material once it is posted.  RSS is important for your organization because it will allow you to keep all the news you follow in one convenient location.   You can locate a websites RSS feed by searching for the  Icon.  Also the term “subscribe to our content” or “Subscribe with RSS” can help you find the feed.  Once you click on the icon and/or term, you need the address to add it to your RSS feed reader.



Keep an Eye for This Guy!

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Keep an eye for this guy!

An RSS feed is a tool you should really consider using.   RSS, or RDF Site Summary (or Really Simple Syndication) is what many blog’s, online news sites and search engines use to allow you to feed into their content.   Imagine a wall in the front of your house where all the news outlets, magazines and people you subscribe to come and staple their most recent article where you can go read it when you are ready.   RSS feed readers give you this ability.  Feed readers like Google reader and Netvibes (my personal favorite) are some of the most popular feed readers.   I subscribe to my local news outlet,,  some competitor social media specialists and political opinion makers.   So when I am ready to consume information, I just log in to my favorite feed reader and drown myself in the information I am interested in.   Do you use RSS feeds?  What pages do you feed into?

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