Facebook vs. the Social Media World: Are we peasants caught between dictators?

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Facebook is not too comfortable in their high class status with the fickle loyalty of their users in our instant gratification prone society.  Most people enjoy using Facebook for a variety of reasons, some even making a living in teaching others how to use it.  Though I enjoy some of the recent upgrades, I am beginning to feel like a peasant torn between two dictators.  I personally do not use Google + as all my clients find their target base on Facebook. However, the recent upgrades in Friend Lists, privacy settings and the reborn subscribe feature in Facebook seeks to keep their users from defecting.



Keys To Social Media: Content, Content, and Likability


It's all about the LIKE!

As important as it is to know where your audience is located, having something to offer them is just as important.  Giving them the reason to think about your brand is the key to keeping them engaged. I am not talking about posting reminders to events and asking them to do something or publicizing yourself just so it looks like your active online.  Content is something useful that your audience will appreciate and will make them come back.  If you know a business is having a sale every Tuesday, or an organization that provides advice to address a personal need, you will likely follow those brands for that specific reason.


Facebook: Why are you on here?

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Okay, so Facebook is the big man on campus (though google+ is looking to change that).  However, why do we use it?  Why do people log on and tell us about their day, share favorite quotes or send a picture with their camera phone in the shot.  I use it to administer my clients fan pages (Paterson Education and T.J.Best). and connecting with other people who are doing cool things with Facebook like Paterson advocate Dave Gilmore and business developer extraordinaire Millennium Consulting Services of America.  However, not everyone uses it for this reason and it’s absolutely alright!   Here are some of the reasons people use Facebook.

1. To Socialize
2. Finding & being in touch with old friends & family
3. Just because everyone is talking about it
4. Bored
5. Promotion/Advertising Business/Organization
6. Getting visitors to blogs/sites
7. Get referrals/customers
8. For fun

There is definitely research on this, but I want to hear from you.

Why do you use Facebook? How is it going for you?

What other social media profile do you prefer to use?

Or why DONT you use Facebook?

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