Client Activity

Most Recent Client:  Statewide Education Organizing Committee

  • Host One on One social media training to all 6 city-wide chapters and its staff.Create/coordinate online presence with appropriate Social Media site, i.e. Facebook, Youtube.
  • Create content and community map for each City and Statewide organizing committees.
  • Offer content suggestions and training to obtain said content for all staff.
  • Integrate task management systems so all staff can contribute, regardless of computer literacy, to social media effort.

     T.J. Best-Candidate for Passaic County Freeholder November 2011

Facebook-TheodoreBest                 Twitter-TheodoreBest

Flickr-TheodoreBest                        Youtube-TheodoreBest

  • Manage Pre-scheduled Quotes, accept friends and fans, manage event attendees, encourage online ticket sales to hosted events, and content development.
  • Ensure all content remains on message throughout campaign.
  • Attend events to capture content from events, debates and public appearance.
  • Express constant appreciation to fans and keep them engaged and encouraged.


Paterson Education Fund

PEF Fanpage and PEF Website Strategy designed by MOG LLC

Education Advocacy Efforts  Facilitated by Capwiz

  • Uses Capwiz, an online tool to help advocates send letters and make calls to their legislative representatives on Education Policy.
  • Developed an online voice by writing weekly articles regarding important education issues of the week.
  • Became active listeners of parents and news to provide relevant content and support.
  • Build content partnerships with other organizations to advance social media goals.



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