How many people are on Facebook in my city?

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When it comes to figuring out whether using Facebook for a project or marketing in a given city, there are great tools out there that can help you figure that out. is a great source that can help you achieve this for any social network but at a cost (unless they blog about it specifically, which they havent yet in my city).  Do you want to figure it out for Facebook, free?  Here is a brief video of an easy workaround.

Watch the video than go to the link below it.

Now log in to your Facebook page and  click here.


Organizacion Tradicional o Moderna

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Codigo morse-La forma antigua de uno comunicarse. La autopista de informacion demonstrando la rapidez de nuestra nueva forma de comunicacion.

Alrededor del  mundo, los muchos son los que  están debatiendo, si los medios de comunicación social hoy en día de una forma u otra sustituirán  las formas tradicionales de asamblea de la sociedad. Esta idea ha surgido porque las redes sociales se están convirtiendo en la principal forma  de comunicación que  la gente utiliza por una gama infinita de razones. tiene un artículo muy importante que muestra cómo las paginas como: Facebook, Twitter y LinkedIn son cada vez más visitadas.


5 things to consider when marketing thru Social Media

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Social Media, like any other marketing tool, can be successful if you target your ad to the right audience.   You would not write an article in Spanish for your all English speaking audience.  You need to ensure you know who you are targeting to make sure you provide value for that group to get them and keep them interested.  Here are 5 things to consider when planning to market your content to your audience:


Top 5 Things People should know about Texting.

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Great for Exercising your Thumbs.

The generation gap on technology is clearly being closed by the not so new art of mobile text messages.  ComScore MobiLens, released data discussing American use of mobile devices.  One number that jumped out is that in a 3 month period ending in June 2011, 234 million Americans ages 13 and older used mobile phones.  I know for a fact that I have 3 cousins ages 9-11 that use mobile phones so that number is likely a bit higher.  Point is, most Americans have a cell phone and 68% of mobile activity is sending text messages.


Facebook: Why are you on here?

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Okay, so Facebook is the big man on campus (though google+ is looking to change that).  However, why do we use it?  Why do people log on and tell us about their day, share favorite quotes or send a picture with their camera phone in the shot.  I use it to administer my clients fan pages (Paterson Education and T.J.Best). and connecting with other people who are doing cool things with Facebook like Paterson advocate Dave Gilmore and business developer extraordinaire Millennium Consulting Services of America.  However, not everyone uses it for this reason and it’s absolutely alright!   Here are some of the reasons people use Facebook.

1. To Socialize
2. Finding & being in touch with old friends & family
3. Just because everyone is talking about it
4. Bored
5. Promotion/Advertising Business/Organization
6. Getting visitors to blogs/sites
7. Get referrals/customers
8. For fun

There is definitely research on this, but I want to hear from you.

Why do you use Facebook? How is it going for you?

What other social media profile do you prefer to use?

Or why DONT you use Facebook?

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