Moral Outreach and NJ CD9 Congressional Campaign 2012

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Some of the young leaders recruited through traditional organizing. This was definitely an amazing group of advocates for the Congressman!

Moral Outreach Group was recently contracted to do Field Organizing and Outreach Work for Congressman Bill Pascrell during his successful re-election campaign as the Democratic nominee for New Jersey’s 9th Congressional District.  This three month project that started in late February has been a personal and professional life altering experience.

It was our first political campaign of such size and we did not disappoint.   Aside from representing the Congressman’s field team during events and activities, we managed the campaign in Passaic, NJ which resulted, along with Paterson, NJ to produce 50% of the vote total that gave the Congressman the Democratic Nomination.  We used social media and traditional organizing  skills to recruit supporters who worked to reach out to thousands of people who we identified and eventually got out to vote.

We definitely did not work by ourselves.  We were a part of a larger team of professionals who were passionate about their work with the Congressman and worked hard to achieve our landslide victory.   As a result, we are back to work and ready to reach out to the business community and launch a project to connect with our small business constituency along with the North Jersey Regional Chamber of Commerce and Wireless Zone of Clifton, a national franchise for Verizon Wireless with over 400 stores nationwide . More on this later!

We wish the best of luck to Congressman Bill Pascrell and that he continues his great representation of the hard working class of North Jersey.   We look forward to other political campaigns but for now, launching social campaigns for mobile business professionals is our area of growth potential.  Hope you join us for the ride!


Thank you for your patience!

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At the entrance to the dirt road that lead to the village where we were building.

First of all, thank you for my readers for your patience of 2 weeks since my last post.  Many of you kept coming back to read older blogs and check up on me.  I just returned last week from Kenya on a life altering trip to build a home with Habitat for Humanity.   I wrote about the experience and you can find all the content on Paterson Habitat for Humanity’s Blog.   You can also visit our Flickr Page and Youtube Page for great content!

It certainly changed the way I look at Social Media and the goal to serve our clients.  I am particularly reinvigorated in serving my non-profit base as I realized that I am a compassionate progressive (with fiscally conservative proclivities) which makes Social Media that much more important in using as an outreach strategy.  So that being said, I will return to post great social media advice and insights while serving my clientele in maximizing their online exposure.  Again I thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the content!

Find Solace in Social Media During Natural Disasters

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A portion of my work is done at home.  At the specific time of the Earthquake this past week, I felt a minor shake, thinking it was my upstairs neighbors moving stuff around.   I thought nothing of it until I went on Twitter and Facebook and noticed that EVERYONE on my list was commenting about it.  Most expressed where they were during the shake while some shared they did not feel a thing (Frankly I think some of those folks were a little bitter about it since the comments generally came with some sarcastic response to those who did feel it).

To give you an idea of how twitter played a part in keeping us informed:


MOG President Goes to Kenya

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In a historic event with Habitat for Humanity International building its 500,000th home, I have the distinct pleasure of going to Kenya to build that very house.  I am one of the Board of Directors of Paterson Habitat for Humanity, a local affiliate to the International Parent Organization and along with other board members and volunteers, we will be flying to Kenya on Sept. 1st for their 10 day build.


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