Moral Outreach Group is a start up company that focuses on offering  social media management services by using traditional outreach techniques with the use of modern forms of communication.  Although Social Media is on a meteoric rise as a form of communication, there are still a plethora of people and industries that are lagging behind the times.  Our concern is that those who cannot master the realm of social media will eventually fall short of reaching their target population, who are increasingly “logging on” to Social Media.

The reality is that donations, volunteerism and civic participation are on a decline while demand for services are increasing.  Since society now has tailor-made access to whatever it wants, many small and medium sized Non-Profits and Government Departments lack the capacity to communicate their message to their target niches online.

MOG has charged itself in assisting these groups find their niche of communication with Social Media as the conduit to conversation. We engage in the causes of our clients because we believe that the success of an organization or government in addressing the needs of its constituency will benefit society as much as it does business.

The reality is Social Media is successful on a national and global scale (and growing), however, smaller local organizations and government are falling behind in using modern forms of communication.

We hope to help this process by building a community of people, professionals, experts, etc. and begin bringing them together to make our cities (Paterson, NJ), our states (New Jersey) and our country (U.S.A) a better place for all of us!

Orville Morales,

Founder of MOG


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