Campaign and Elections is a great magazine for those who are running a candidate’s campaign. You can also be a candidate who does not want to always depend on their team to understand the details of the race.

Launching your campaign blog the right way | Campaigns & Elections is a blog post by C & E offers three key areas to make sure your campaign blog is worth the time spent nurturing it. These areas are:

Frequency of postings, which allows people to keep updated on the great activities that not only the campaign represents, but what a victory could mean for the future of your administration.

Content is king, which states that you need to show people why you are a campaign worth following.  The author of the article uses a great example of how boring it is to just looking at photos of supporters, especially when you see the same people at every event.

Make it look nice, which encourages you to take some time in creating a user-friendly blog, especially if you plan on using Social Media to drive traffic into your blog.

I will add another area to focus on with Delegate The Work.  If the candidate is not technically savvy, than at least have a system; a system where the candidate writes the article, thought, feedback on any issues and a staffer or trusted volunteer can prep the document (add links, proofread, keywords, tags).  The volunteer can post the blog, share it on other media sites, where appropriate, and listen to the feedback and engage.

This would allow you to continue moving forward in the campaign and have a process in place to handle planned content to post and deal with unexpected topics that you can comment on.