Simple Ratio to Help You Build Your Following!

Before I go into this particular strategy, I must give credit where credit is due.  I was reminded of this concept a couple of weeks back during a presentation that one of my clients, the William Paterson University Small Business Development Center hosted, called Social Media in Business (Click here for next date).   The forum was hosted by Sean Carroll-who is enthusiastic entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others achieve fulfillment in life through his coaching and public speaking. The topic of Social Media in one class is difficult as most folks who come in with little understanding of it will want to talk about it philosophically, culturally, etc.   Sean Carroll did a great job in carrying the conversation as such but also did a great job in introducing the strategy.   So for relationships building ideas, check out Sean Carroll and his work.

Sean Carroll-Check out his site at

That being said, what the 5:1 ratio refers to is that for every time you post a status update, article, or link, you should engage with your fans/followers 5 times.   The concept behind this is that you should treat your fans as they would treat themselves.  In other words, everyone wants to see more likes, comments and shares in their updates so why not give it to them.  Take some time to read what your followers say and engage with them. This in turn will remind them that you actually exist and increase the likelihood that they would check out your content.   It also increases your EdgeRank, which if you click on link, you can learn other ways you can increase it.

Whatever the social media tool you are using, the concept applies.   However, remember that on your Facebook Fan Page, you can become a fan of other Fan Pages. Consider doing a search for your industry’s leader and comment on that page occasionally.

This strategy is particularly helpful on Twitter.  I just increased my following by 30% just because I stopped waiting for responses and decided to be SOCIAL! Give it a try for the next two weeks and let me know if it works out for you!