You might think Facebook doesnt care about your privacy, does not mean you shouldn't use the features they offer to keep you as secure as possible.

Have you ever noticed how banks always talk about how you can log in at all sorts of public places, always touting how secure their pages are?  Ever notice how Facebook never outright says how to be secure unless you dig for it?  Well Facebook has an obscure feature that allows you to protect your profile as you browse through the website.   It is called secure browsing (who would’ve thought?).  It allows you to browse its pages via secure browsing which can be visually detected by looking at the address bar and noticing the http:// portion of the address.  If it is secure, you will notice a https, if not, it will be http.   The https is equal to the small lock that appears on banking pages like Chase, where browsing is secure, especially when you log-in. Here is how you make sure you are browsing securely: