Facebook Fan Pages allows you to separate your cause and/or brand from your personal profile.   One of the things that I advocate that my clients to do is plan to post certain content such as educational articles, events and pictures or video.   On the other hand, they should post about the kind of day-to-day work they are conducting for the business.   For example, “Just left a meeting with the Mayor about working together for the 4th ward community”, “Coming from a lunch meeting, I noticed that there is 10% off all printing at Staples”. If you have a “Facebook moment” mindset like I do, post about the different experience you are having around your own business.  This generally prompts people to respond to those post, which increase post feedback (Edgerank) and increases the frequency and likelihood people will see all of your post (increasing daily impressions). These can all be track via Facebook Insights.

However, Facebook mobile applications only lets you sign into your personal profile. Although you can do a search for a Fan Page and post on its wall, you cant do it as your brand name.

To address this, Facebook allows you to set up your mobile phone to post updates while you are at different locations via email and text messages to your Fan Page.    Here is how you set it up: *Please Note: You must be an administrator of the Fan Page to have access to the page settings. If you do not use email on your mobile phone but have text messaging, you can use this option.  WARNING: standard text messaging rates do apply!

Step 1-Go to your Fan Page and click on "Edit Info".

Step 2-On the left panel, click on "Mobile"

Step 3-This page will walk you through the process. The first box is your unique email while the box at the bottom is where you can set up your phone to send updates via text message.