Facebook is not too comfortable in their high class status with the fickle loyalty of their users in our instant gratification prone society.  Most people enjoy using Facebook for a variety of reasons, some even making a living in teaching others how to use it.  Though I enjoy some of the recent upgrades, I am beginning to feel like a peasant torn between two dictators.  I personally do not use Google + as all my clients find their target base on Facebook. However, the recent upgrades in Friend Lists, privacy settings and the reborn subscribe feature in Facebook seeks to keep their users from defecting.

It’s a general reminder that in any industry you work in, you cannot put all your knowledge in one egg basket (did I mess that up?).   Facebook is the social media giant.  It seems their new model is to dominate rather than innovate.  It semi-automated its Friend List to encourage folks to use friend lists (or to remind them to use it) in response to Google+ circle.   It brought back and enhanced the subscribe feature so that people can follow others that aren’t friends with them and have more control over who you follow, like Twitter.   Even the app called BranchOut is a response to LinkedIn. Queue cartoonish image of the Winklevoss twins seething in their rowboats.

Meanwhile, we are the consumers that buy into whatever is available in hopes to continue getting the most out of our social media strategy.   This post is to remind you that there is a high turn over rate regarding different social media tools.  It took decades to go from radio to television but only 6 months to a year to change social media networking sites.  It will not take decades to dethrone Facebook.   However, it still reigns supreme and though I have to adjust how I engage in my personal social networks due to the upgrades, I will stick with Facebook. Fortunately, in the Social Media World, these dictators collect taxes……yet.

Facebook is not exactly like twitter, Google + or LinkedIn, but it can still offer you what you are looking for if your target base is New Jersey.  However, please keep in mind that there is no one size fits all. Each social network provides a different aspect to an over all strategy.  Although Facebook is looking to grow as a jack of all trades, it is becoming master of none as social networking sites are catching on and people are defecting (or never pledging loyalty).  Your social media strategy is unique so I urge you to learn the fundamentals of a social media strategy as my colleague at Millennium Consulting Services America points out.  I honestly do not expect Facebook to be the giant forever but I do encourage you not to get complacent with your current strategy.  Make sure you focus on innovation of strategy every couple of months after measuring your success rather than just dominating your current strategy.