Facebook vs. the Social Media World: Are we peasants caught between dictators?

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Facebook is not too comfortable in their high class status with the fickle loyalty of their users in our instant gratification prone society.  Most people enjoy using Facebook for a variety of reasons, some even making a living in teaching others how to use it.  Though I enjoy some of the recent upgrades, I am beginning to feel like a peasant torn between two dictators.  I personally do not use Google + as all my clients find their target base on Facebook. However, the recent upgrades in Friend Lists, privacy settings and the reborn subscribe feature in Facebook seeks to keep their users from defecting.



Thank you for your patience!

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At the entrance to the dirt road that lead to the village where we were building.

First of all, thank you for my readers for your patience of 2 weeks since my last post.  Many of you kept coming back to read older blogs and check up on me.  I just returned last week from Kenya on a life altering trip to build a home with Habitat for Humanity.   I wrote about the experience and you can find all the content on Paterson Habitat for Humanity’s Blog.   You can also visit our Flickr Page and Youtube Page for great content!

It certainly changed the way I look at Social Media and the goal to serve our clients.  I am particularly reinvigorated in serving my non-profit base as I realized that I am a compassionate progressive (with fiscally conservative proclivities) which makes Social Media that much more important in using as an outreach strategy.  So that being said, I will return to post great social media advice and insights while serving my clientele in maximizing their online exposure.  Again I thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the content!

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