RSS stands for RDF Site Summary, or more simply, Really Simple Syndication is a tool used to publish frequently updated work.  Online news sources and bloggers use RSS to help their audience to remain updated on new material once it is posted.  RSS is important for your organization because it will allow you to keep all the news you follow in one convenient location.   You can locate a websites RSS feed by searching for the  Icon.  Also the term “subscribe to our content” or “Subscribe with RSS” can help you find the feed.  Once you click on the icon and/or term, you need the address to add it to your RSS feed reader.

There are a whole host of feed readers but I found that Netvibes is a simple tool for all users.   Netvibes is the program you can use to keep all the news you follow in one dashboard.  You will need to create your own account.  Netvibes is completely free and will even allow you to add Weather, Facebook, Twitter and a whole host of widgets that can keep all your online work in one place.   You have to create an account which is an easy process. Once you do that, you can start adding all the news sources and widgets you want.  Here is how you can get a site like news on your dashboard.  Hudson County News is the example to be used:

Step 1: Go to and scroll to the bottom.

Step 2: On the bottom right you will see the RSS feed icon.  Remember this is how you will see if any page allows you to subscribe to their content.

Step 3: In the case of NJ.Com, they allow you to subscribe to a whole host of sections. You can choose to subscribe to all the content, or location specific. In this case, choose Hudson County.

Step 4: Copy the page address. This is what you need to subscribe to the content using Netvibes.

Step 5: After you create your account, Netvibes offers preset widgets to get you started (you can remove them all).  To add content, click on “Add Content”

Step 6: Click Add a Feed and paste in the page address you took from

Step 7: After clicking Add feed, you will see the widget appear with the title Hudson County.

Step 8: Just click Add to my Page and this exact widget will appear on your dashboard.

Step 9: This is how it appears in your dashboard.

Step 10: You can change the view of your dashboard by choosing Widgets or Reader.

Step 11: In the Reader view you have the list of your feeds to the left and it lists all the content in that given feed.

Remember, you can also create different dashboards for different interests.   For example, you can have one for education issues only or one for entertainment news, etc.  This way you can peruse one industry but easily shift from topics.  Enjoy.