It's all about the LIKE!

As important as it is to know where your audience is located, having something to offer them is just as important.  Giving them the reason to think about your brand is the key to keeping them engaged. I am not talking about posting reminders to events and asking them to do something or publicizing yourself just so it looks like your active online.  Content is something useful that your audience will appreciate and will make them come back.  If you know a business is having a sale every Tuesday, or an organization that provides advice to address a personal need, you will likely follow those brands for that specific reason.

When your audience engages with your useful content, it is a great opportunity to get to know your audience and continue providing them quality content.   Try not to focus your content only on your personal friends and/or family that are your fans unless that is the specific reason you are using Social Media.  Social Media is based on “Likability”. In other words, the more people who like your content, the more likely they will see it appear in their News feed. This is especially important for Facebook Fan Pages, which uses Edge Rank to optimize who appears on your news feed.

Edge Rank is an algorithm Facebook uses for determining the content that an individual user will see in the ‘Top News’ portion of his or her News Feed (Google+ also uses a similar model). So when someone likes, comments or shares your content, Facebook assumes this is someone you would like to see more updates from and vice versa. Therefore, the Top News portion of your news feeds are the people you interact with most.  Getting people to like your content will make sure they will be updated with your most recent news.

So with Social Media, the more you invest in providing quality content, the more likely your fans will be willing to become advocates, clients, customers, mouthpieces and/or advertisers of your brand when you ask them.  Remember,  think about why your fans follow you and whats in it for them to do so.