Finally herd your friends together all at once

Don’t you wish you can get all your friends organized?  You know, having your family together all in one place at the same time.  How about friends from college or high school friends for a reunion?  Do you want to engage in a discussion with your liberal friends without angering your conservative friends (and vice versa)? This is possible by organizing your Facebook friend lists.

Using friend lists will allow you to post to specific groups when you want.  You can use it to create privacy settings for people and even see the status updates of specific groups of people in your recent news.    Essentially, you can separate what each group can see when you post and get updated on what specific groups are doing.

Minor drawback is that you cannot create specific friend list on Facebook fan pages and group pages and putting your friends into list can be a tad tedious.  However, once you create the lists (you can take your time, 10 friends a night), you will have complete control over who sees what and when.

Here are the screenshots of how you can make this happen.

In your home page, click on the friends link.

Then click on Manage Friend List

Then click on Create List

That is all.  Easy Breezy.    Give it a try by sending a status update to a specific group of people or click on Recent News above the status update bar and you can view the updates of specific groups as well.